Sum37 LosecSumma Elixir Cream

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The smooth, creamy texture of the cream formula contains ingredients that help to revitalize and revitalize. It helps to make your skin look healthy and young.

Purifying slander firm Arishta Gold™ for skin sensitization
A golden golden elixir that fermented the sacred tree of gold with Ayurveda's purifying fermentation, rejuvenates skin sensitization and gives brightly glowing skin.

Emperor's more powerful secret formula Firm Teriaca™
Inspired by the Roman imperial, the Firm Terica™ ingredient is twice as strong as the previous one, delivering rich nutrients for vital skin.

Sum37˚ fermentation 3 times strengthening Cytosys®
After intensive research, we strengthen the cytosis®, Sum37˚'s original ingredient, 3 times to maximize the natural power of the skin.


How to use
At the final stage of basic care, take an appropriate amount and apply gently from inside to outside.
After applying, wrap it with your palms for absorption.

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