Sum37 LosecSumma Elixir Eye Cream

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It is a soft, shiny, silky texture eye cream that provides comfort to delicate eye skin and delivers active ingredients in close care for strong, powerful eyes.

Purifying slander firm Arishta Gold™ for skin sensitization
A golden golden elixir that fermented the sacred tree of gold with Ayurveda's purifying fermentation, rejuvenates skin sensitization and gives brightly glowing skin.

Emperor's more powerful secret formula Firm Teriaca™
Inspired by the Roman imperial, the Firm Terica™ ingredient is twice as strong as the previous one, delivering rich nutrients for vital skin.

Sum37˚ fermentation 3 times strengthening Cytosys®
After intensive research, we strengthen Cytosys®, the original ingredient of Sum37˚, 3 times to maximize the natural power of the skin.


How to use
After using the emulsion, take a small amount and remove it like a dot around the eyes.
Press gently with a massage rod along the acupressure point around the eyes, then tap gently for absorption.

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