Sum37 Secret Cream

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An anti-aging cream made with the essence of fermentation, it fills the skin with strength and makes the skin firm, healthy and radiant.

Natural and fermented energy captures the center of the skin and completes the skin without collapsing
The effect of the secret essence for beautiful skin makes the skin more moist and firm.
It completes a balanced skin base.

Perm Balance™, a precious raw material obtained through the fermentation science of Sum 37˚
The fermented lactic acid bacteria lysate discovered through 10 years of secret fermentation research and traditional Onggi fermentation technique takes care of the irritating factors of the skin and increases the skin's natural strength.

Delicate and luxurious texture completed through long research
After several tests, the luxurious formulation containing fermented ingredients finely and abundantly is more comfortably absorbed into the skin and protects the skin.

Capacity: 50ml

How to Use
At the last stage of skin care, take an appropriate amount and gently spread along the skin texture from the inside of the face to the outside.
It captures the body temperature of the palm of your hand and wraps it around your face for deep absorption.

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