Sum37 Secret Eye Cream

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An eye care cream that contains the essence of fermentation, it is quickly absorbed into the sensitive and fragile skin around the eyes, filling it deeply and filling the skin with a firm and soft finish, complete with vibrant skin around the eyes.

Natural fermentation technology completed through rhythmic fermentation Ferm Origin Process™
The upgraded nature and fermentation technology Ferm Origin Process™ was completed by adding the four elements for natural fermentation: clear and clean water, deep and strong soil energy, temperature resembling body temperature, clean air, and the rhythm of light and sound flowing along nature. I did.

Cytosis® made stronger with proprietary patented ingredient ferulic acid
The prescription of ferulic acid activates Cytosis®, the core ingredient of Sum 37˚, to further strengthen the skin's natural strength.
*Patent No.: 10-1503924

Delicate and luxurious texture completed through long research
After several tests, the luxurious formulation containing fermented ingredients finely and abundantly is more comfortably absorbed into the skin and protects the skin.

Capacity: 25ml

How to Use
In the next step of the emulsion, take a small amount of pearls and apply it to the skin around the eyes as if making a dot on the bottom, top, and side of the eye area, and then gently spread it using your ring finger.

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