Sum37 Secret Double Cleansing Balm

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It is a deep cleansing balm whose soft sherbet-type balm formula melts quickly when it comes into contact with the skin and turns into oil, and turns into a soft emulsion when it comes in contact with water to remove makeup residue and dust.

Sherbet texture that melts into the skin
A formula that changes from balm to oil and then to a milky emulsion, helping to create a soft and moist finish.

mild deep cleansing
From sun cream and point makeup to fine dust, it is cleansed all at once.

Moisturizing and comfortable skin care & massage effect
It contains the effective ingredients of Secret Oil as it is, protecting the skin's moisture barrier and providing keratin care.

Magnetic spatula included
A magnetic spatula is included for convenient and hygienic attachment to the cap.

Capacity: 100ml

How to Use
Before washing your face and hands, take an appropriate amount with a spatula and massage gently in small circles from the center of the face outward.
Wet your hands with water and gently massage once more until the oil turns milky, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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