Laneige Cream Skin Milk Oil Cleanser

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Low pH 5.5 cleanser to gently melt away both makeup and dead skin cells with milk oil without any need for emulsification

SECRET 1. New milk oil formulation

Keep your skin hydrated after cleansing with a whole new type of milk oil that blended cleansing oil and skincare ingredients

SECRET 2. Easy cleansing without any need for emulsification

Unlike common cleansing oil, it does not require extra emulsification that adds water to melt makeup, making cleansing easier

SECRET 3. Cleanser with ingredients of Cream Skin Refiner

100% Cream Skin Refiner ingredients with less oil content to keep rough or tight skin fully hydrated after cleansing



How to use

Step 1. Pump 2-3 times to take out an adequate amount

Step 2. Gently massage the whole face with the hands

Step 3. Heavy color makeup may require extra rubbing

※ It is recommended that you use a lip & eye remover for tinting products and waterproof products.

Step 4. Cleanse the face once again.

※ If you want to keep the skin better moisturized after cleansing, you can skip the double cleansing.


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