Laneige Cream Skin Quick Skin Pack

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Easy-to-use skin pack made of tight-fit tencel sheet for instant moisturizing!

SECRET 1. A cream melts into a skin refiner

With Cream Blending Technology™ exclusive of Laneige, a jar of cream is dissolved in skin toner

SECRET 2. White Leaf Tea Water Fortifies Skin Barriers

With White Leaf Tea Water having content of amino acid enriched through the specialized shadow-growing method, it strengthens the skin barrier and provides a lasting moisturizing effect

SECRET 3. Mild deep hydration toner

Cream Skin Refiner is filled with mild and safe ingredients which provides moisturizing effects for dry and sensitive skin [Free of PEG surfactant, animal based ingredient, synthetic pigment, triethanolamine and fragrance; hypoallergenic tested]


How to use

1. Using the applicator, take out the necessary amount of tencel sheets

2. Put the tencel sheet on dry areas, such as both cheeks, forehead and chin

3. Remove after approx. 2 minutes then dab from the center of the face outwards for skin absorption


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