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STEM III named after the term ‘stem referring to stems of plants refers to a solution that presents 3 bases to take care of skin aging by studying the fundamentals of skin.
IOPE STEM III offers the best aging skin solution for skin by reflecting skin environment and aging concerns of contemporary women based on the brand research assets accumulated for about 20 years and big data collected from about 4,800 women.

It presents 3 virtuous circle mechanisms including skin calming, intensive anti-aging care and reinforcement of skin barrier for women who suffer from sensitivity to stress, slow recovery and weak skin barrier.

Allanto™(allantoin, spiraeoside, peptide) is placed in skin-friendly liposome to deliver good ingredients to skin more effectively. This is the best intensive anti-aging ampoule that achieves firm elasticity, smooth texture and gloss.

Intensive anti-aging ampoule that takes care of elasticity, skin texture and gloss with the core effective ingredient called Allanto Complex in liposome.

- It provises 3 fundamental solutions to skin aging - calming, intensive anti-aging and barrier reinforcement.
- Liposome that is 400 ties thinner than human hair absorbs densely into skin and delivers the ingredients effectively.
- This is a hypoallergenic formula that acts effectively on skin.


How to use
Drop appropriate amount onto your face in the essence of serum step and roll content from inside out using fingertips to let it absorb.

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